Lempuyang Temple Trekking

Pura  Lempuyang Luhur is one of the oldest and most sacred temples in Bali, in fact Hindus believe they should visit it at least one time every 10 years and that one should not complain on the way up.

There is actually a total of 7 temples up Mont Lempuyang and the main one is at 1 175 meters above sea level after climbing about 1 700 steps.


The trek up takes approximately 3 hours and as you go up you will enjoy the spectacular panorama of the eastern Bali , fresh mountain air and you may even encounter grey macaques (so watch your belongings and do not feed them, they can be aggressive !).


The temple at the top is smaller than the first one, but the the view is incredible and the atmosphere is very powerful. You may join the praying pilgrims and receive holy water.


You can either choose to do the full tour and see the 7 temples (3 hours to go up + 1h to get down) or to see only 4 temples including Pura Lempuyan Luhur on top of the mountain as there is a shortcut (2 hours to go up + 1h to get down).

What’s Included:

+ Transportation from and to your hotel or villa in an air conditioned car

+ Fresh water

+ A detailed explanation of the Balinese culture from our experienced guides

What You Need to Bring:

+ Dry shirt to change when you finish the trek

+ Don’t forget your wallet & have a bit of small cash on hand for temples

Price :

700 000 IDR per person for the 7 temples tour (minimum 2 persons for booking)

600 000 IDR per person for the 4 temples tour (minimum 2 persons for booking)


  • The price does not include the entrance ticket
  • If you would like for me to supply sarongs for the temple, please let me know in advance
  • Women having their periods cannot do this trek as they cannot enter the temples 
  • Some cash for tipping the driver is recommended

Please remember leave a comment to say which option you choose : either to see 7 or 4 temples.

Enter your information below & tell me when I can take you to see the serene and breath taking beauty of Bali (not the city center).