Bangli Tour


Although Bangli is a small and quiet village located in the east of Bali,

it counts eight royal palaces currently occupied by royal family members

and one of the most beautiful temples of Bali : Pura Kehen,

and it is surrounded by several charming waterfalls.

Bangli Tour:

This tour is very unique and it presents a complete view of the wonders Bali has to offer and more specifically Bangli and the Kintamani area.

First, I would like you to discover the peaceful atmosphere and layout of Penglipuran Village, located about 6km from Bangli. It is one of the oldest villages of Bali and it has preserved its ancient traditions and motorized vehicles are not allowed inside the village.


From there, we will bring you to the small Hutan Bamboo Forest. It may not be very big but we are sure walking in its shade will make you feel relaxed.


Afterwards, we will visit Pura Kehen which is located north of Bangli and it is one the finest temples in Bali. It was built between the 9th and the 11th century and it is terraced up the hillside. The stairs leading to the beautiful decorated entrance are guarded on both side with wayang figures, from balinese shadow theatre. This is were rajas used to be enthroned and this were the deified souls of late kings live.


Then I will bring you to a hidden, unknown and yet magical waterfall : Tukad Cepung Waterfall. After walking down a few stairs, you will enter a lush jungle through a little path that will lead you at the bottom of giant rocks. The air will cool and fill with millions of water particles as you get closer and the sound will draw you like if you were under a spell !

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To finish this very special tour, if there still is time I would like to show you the Kintamani area to enjoy the panoramic view of the volcano before bringing you back to your accommodation.

Included In Your Tour:

+ 8 hours private tour in an air conditioned car

+ Fresh water

+ Pick-up and drop off at your accomodation

+ A detailed explanation of the Balinese culture from our experienced guides

What to bring:

+ Sarong to visit the temple

+ Swimming suit for the waterfall

+ Bag for your wet belongings

+ Camera

+ Your smile and best spirit !

Price :

600 000 IDR (2 persons minimum to book a tour, 6 persons maximum)


  • The price does not include the entrance ticket to the temple and the waterfall 
  • Some cash for tipping the driver is recommended

If you would like for me to supply sarongs for the temple, please let me know in advance.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like more information or to customize the tour !