Sekumpul Waterfall

Hello everyone, today I would like to talk to you about one of my favorite places : it is located in the north of Bali (approximately 2 hours drive from Ubud) and it is definetely on my list of the must-see-places !

If you love nature and if you are looking for a quietpeaceful and refreshing location then you must go visit this breathtaking waterfall hidden in the middle of our archipelago’s lush greenery.

Not too many tourists go there because you have to drive on a winding and steep mountain road and it is better to go with a guide who is actually used to this route. Up there the air is quite cool and foggy, but not to worry, the skies will get clear again once you reach Lemukih village ! There starts the walk to the most beautiful waterfalls in Bali. Sekumpul means “group of” and there are in fact 7 waterfalls in the area, with the tallest being more than 50 metre high !

You only need confortable shoes and to take your time to go down the hundreds of steps leading to their secret location. The little trek is quite easy and there are handrails to help keep your balance. On the way, you will enjoy a beautiful landscape of rice fields surrounded by mountains and you will cross many fruit trees like durian and rambutan trees.

Once you reach the river bed, you will find a bridge and pathways leading to the different waterfalls. The mesmerizing sounds of the jungle combined with that of the force of the water will irresistibly draw you to the Waterfall duo which is the closest one. You will need to follow a muddy path and to cross the river to see it upclose but it is worth it and the magic of the place will leave you speechless.




Here are a few tips if you plan to visit the Sekumpul Waterfalls :

  1. Bring a backpack with enough bottles of water and snacks/lunchbox to enjoy this peaceful location as long as you wish
  2. Wear good shoes to go down the sometimes slippery steps, to walk along muddy paths and to cross the rivers
  3. Bring your swimming suit, a towel and a plastic bag to put your wet belongings
  4. Photographers should protect their cameras form the mist
  5. Save water for the way back up 😉


The force of the Waterfall duo does not make it the most indicated one for a swim, but don’t worry, the others ones are !

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