Our Story

Inspired & Passionate

At Bali Rotation Trekking, our goal is to provide the best private tours possible. We are a small local company strong of 8 years experience and thus we can offer a unique and personalized experience.

We show you both the major landmarks of Bali, as well the more hidden places that make our island so special. Our tours will take you off the beaten path to allow you to see the real Balinese way of life and depending on the time of your visit, we may even bring you along to attend a traditional ceremony.

Our Values

Journeys worth taking

We work closely with local businesses and avoid intermediaries to offer the best possible rates.

All our team was born and raised in Bali which makes us true specialists of the local culture. We are deeply passionate about sharing the colourful culture, breathtaking natural beauty and fascinating historical heritage of our region with our guests.

Each visitor has different expectations, which is why we offer the possibility to design your own tour and/or customize one our already designed packaged tour. Don’t worry, you will still be able to change things once there.