Trekking Mt Batur : My Experience

The real experience of climbing Mt Batur :

I wake up, stretch as cats do and drink a warm cup of coffee before hopping in the car to go pick-up my customers at their hotel. People are usually quite sleepy at 2 am in the morning, but not when you are excited and eager to climb a volcano and see one the most spectacular sunrises of your life.

So we have a nice chat on the way to Kintamani. I ask this young couple of friends if they feel ready for the climb and we are already having good laughs and taking bets on how long it might take us to reach the top.

Once on the parking at the feet of the majestic Mont Batur, I give them some last pieces of advice before handing over flashlights and bottles of water : “Just bring the essentials : a warm jacket, your camera and your best spirit !”

We were now ready to get to our starting point and begin the ascent. It was a clear night and we could see so many stars in the sky. Unfortunaltely, the slopes up the volcano are quite slippery which means that we better be careful and focus on where we step but nothing can break our spirit ! In the obscurity it is quite difficult for newcomers to tell how far they have come and how far is the top… but this is probably a good thing !

We challenged ourselves to the top, taking breaks every 10 minutes or so to catch our breath and drink water. At some point, looking up we saw the dark night sky instead of more rocky slopes and we knew we finally made it ! The view over the Kintamani area was so rewarding ! Soon the sky colors started to change and we all enjoyed this magical moment sipping our coffees.

Breathing the fresh air on top of this sacred volcano while feeling the first rays of sunlight warming up our tired bodies is an almost therapeutic feeling ! You have to come and try it for yourself !!!


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