Campuhan Ridge Walk

Campuhan Ridge Walk is a famous path up a hill just about 12 minutes walk from Ubud Palace but it may be tricky to find . If you are in the mood for some quiet time enjoying beautiful views this a the place for you !

Being on a hill, this beautiful walk is exposed to the sun (and rain as well of course) so I would recommend bringing water and sun cream or an umbrella depending on the weather forecast. You should either plan to go early in the morning or in the late afternoon when temperatures are cooler.

Campuhan Ridge Walk is entirely free. On the way you will find several art shops and a little cafe where you can stop to enjoy the view and a fresh beverage.

You should also know that it is about 9 kilometers long and it will take you approximately 2 hours to complete the tour.

Now, here is how to get there.

When you come from Ubud center, follow Jalan Ubud Raya heading towards Penestanan area. After going down a shady section of the road you should look for the sign of the Warwick Ibah on the right hand side,  before getting on the bridge.

Follow the path located between the Ibah sign and the Mini Mart and turn on the left when you reach the 2nd Ibah sign.

Keep walking along this road that leads to a small bridge over the river. Before the bridge on the right, you will  find a few steps going down and then up again and a way along Pura Gunung Lebah.

When you reach the corner of the temple, you will see more stairs on your left going along the back of the temple or a paved way going up. Follow it, this is the beginning of Campuhan Ridge Walk !

I hope you find this information useful ! Don’t hesitate to comment or contact us !

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