Top 4 tips for Climbing Mt Batur


Mt. Batur, a sacred home to the Gods, is an active volcano living in the heart of Bali. While visiting Bali, if you’ve got an adventurous spirit and want to connect with the land, move your body, and enjoy a breakfast cooked in the side of a volcano as the sun rises, let’s take a trip up to the  Kintamani region and summit 1717 meters at sunrise.

During the climb you’ll get to take a few breaks to play with the fun and cheeky monkeys that live on the mountain, meditate and do yoga during the sunrise and pull in all the life energy living on the mountain as you make your way back down.

Police Lucida

1. Start prepping a day before. Wake up really early, and the evening before you leave, go to bed quite early so you’ve got power and energy when you wake up to leave at around 1:30 am. This will allow you to be fully present and awake and get the most out of the incredible opportunity you have to take this 2+ hour climb.

2. Acclimate your body to exercise in Bali’s climate. Take advantage of Bali’s beautiful landscapes and go for walks and jogs for a few days before our hike together! If you want a list of good walking and jogging places, email me! You can also book a Bali Running Tour with me 😉

3. Remember: we can’t predict or control nature. It is mostly pitch black as we climb (not to worry, I will provide head lamps for you!). A lot of the times it will be cloudy as your make your way up the mountain.

4. Wear good shoes. It’s a mountain and the climb is mostly in the dark. It will be much easier if you’re walking comfortable and with good traction on the rocky terrain.


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